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Expertise & Technical Capacity

Wildlife and Conservation Photography

Our specialty is the photographic record of fauna, flora, natural environments and scientific research activities, capturing the unique essence of each project.

Audiovisual Production

With our documentaries, web-series and short clips, we seek show the natural beauty and the socio-environmental situation of our project locations.

Science Communication

Science communication refers to the public presentation of science-related topics to non-experts. We implement outreach projects, handle social media communication and istall art exhibitions.

Photography Books

With a well-planned visual narrative, our books can inspire positive change. With 5 books already published, the Institute is able to engage in professional editorial projects.

Exhibitions & Events

We implement exhibitions and events to show the beauty nd importance of nature through an artistic format widely accepted by society.

Environmental Education

We develop activities and environmental awareness programs for public and private schools.

Workshops & Lectures

Our lectures and workshops on the topics wildlife photography, the Atlantic Forest, and Wildlife on Brazil motivate and stimulate creativity.

Consulting & Photographic Solutions

We are able to offer a wide variety of stock images from our collection, as well as offer the individual production of images for your company or conservation unit.

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