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The Death of the River Rio Doce

On Novermber 11, 2015 we traveled to Governador Valadares... horrible scenes!

We followed the river upstream from Espírito Santo to Minas Gerais, until reaching the toxic and deadly mud from the Samarco mine dam breach. On our way we saw the beautiful fauna that will now be lost forever. The mud kills the aquatic fauna and flora of the river. It kills literally everything on its way. The mud has an enormous impact on the environment and is, without a doubt, one of the biggest environmental catastrophes ever. Yes, the mud will reach the state of Espírito Santo. Our river will never be the same again! But one thing is for sure, it was extremely difficult to photograph with eyes full of tears and a heart full of sadness from seeing thousands of lives being taken in vain! Living beings dying, screaming for help on the water surface!

WARNING: There are people picking up the dead fish for consumption, or worse, to sell well below market prices. Do not eat these fish! They are toxic. There is arsenic in the water.

We need your support in order to continue the full and independent coverage of this environmental and social tragedy! We are unable to cover travel costs on our own. If you want to help, please, contact by e-mail If you are a reporter and would like to use our photos or videos, we need donations in exchange for press material.

Expeditions are done with our partner Mosaic Images. To acquire images, please visit or call +55 (27) 3024-0307. By buying our photos, you will help us to continue our coverage of the environmental impacts on the river Rio Doce.


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